Office Lobby Signs

Your sign should be unique, high-quality, and one of a kind. We've engineered a variety of innovative materials to help bring your brand's logo to life in new, spontaneous and exciting ways. We're constantly innovating and the effects are visible through positive feedback - Our unique architectural materials and finishes can't help but grab attention and inspire client confidence.

Choose from corporate lobby signs that are precision laser cut and made from materials like acrylic and metal (stainless steel and aluminum). For etched glass we offer laser engraved green-edge or clear acrylic which looks just like glass but is a material that's lighter, less expensive, less fragile and allows for greater detail.

Explore a range of finishes, materials, and mounting methods to find the right sign for your space, branding, and budget. Whether you choose individually raised letters or a panel sign, you can find a sign material to match your decor and make your logo pop.

Examples of Office Lobby Signs