Office Lobby Signs

Office Lobby Signs

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What are Office Lobby Signs?

Office Lobby Signs are the first branding you see when first walking through the doors of an established business. Along with the interior design of the office, your reception sign is a great opportunity to make a lasting first impression.

We are excited to share some of the innovative materials we've developed to help bring your brand's logo to life in new, spontaneous and exciting ways. We hope that our different architectural material and finish options will help you grab attention and inspire client confidence.

All of our corporate lobby signs are precision laser cut and made from materials like acrylic and metal (stainless steel and aluminum). For etched glass we offer laser engraved green-edge or clear acrylic which looks just like glass but is a material that's lighter, less expensive, less fragile and provides greater detail.

From the many finishes, materials, and mounting methods to choose from, there is a right combination for most spaces, branding, and budgets.

Why a reception sign?

Reception signs are often overlooked. It’s clear because of how much of rush people seem to be in when they look into getting them. Once you move into your office, get your office furniture set-up, and everything seems in order you might find something missing.

How will anyone know where you are, who you are and what you do?

Lobby signs help establish your identity, your brand and distinguish you from your competitors. They’re the face of your company. And let’s ‘face’ it, like it or not, they’re kind of a big deal. So how to go about doing it right?

Types of Office Lobby Signs

Office Lobby Signs
Dimensional Sign Letters

Individually raised and wall mounted letters and logos.

Office Lobby Signs
Background Panel Signs

Pre-mounted letters and symbols. These include acrylic, glass look, frosted and metal plaque signs that are pre-assembled and ready to mount to the wall with just a few large bolts.

Office Lobby Signs
Directional Signs

Wayfinding signage for guiding visitors through your building or office space. These include directory signs, directional signs, bathroom signs, boardroom sign, office door signs, hanging signs, safety signs, and warning signs.

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What size should your sign be?

Your sign can be customized to any size. There is no one size fits all for office doors, walls, boardrooms or reception areas. Browse common sizes to get a feel for the right size for your business sign.


For help with sizing email or Call 1-877-516-4141

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