Artsigns® Guarantee

Warranty and Guarantee

It's more than likely that getting a custom sign is not something you do everyday. From years of experience, we have established ways to make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Throughout the process of having a custom sign made, we work closely with you to best satisfy your needs.

Design Guarantee

We find that accurate communication is key to getting exactly what you want out of a sign. Throughout the process of having a custom sign made, we ensure we know exactly what you need and you know exactly what to expect.

From ensuring your custom colors are exact, the artwork file is perfect, to suggesting finishes based on your space or wall color, we go above and beyond to make sure the final product is right and fits your space. If you need any changes done to your artwork layout, ArtSigns will gladly help you make those changes before your sign goes into production.

Only once you are fully satisfied and you approve your layout, is your order released to production. For that reason, all of our clients are extremely happy once they receive their sign and put it up, because they know exactly what they are getting every step of the way.

In most cases, there is absolutely no charge for changes made to your design. If design or branding work beyond the scope of simple changes is needed we will provide a quote for any additional charges before the design work begins.

100% Workmanship Guarantee

ArtSigns stands behind it's work. If something doesn't come out right, has a scratch or imperfection, we discard it and make another before it reaches you because we set the bar high so you don't have to. We feel high attention to detail is key and ensure high quality from planning to execution, even if it costs us, we rather save you the cost of a poor image. We always spend extra time, effort, and resources, to ensure your brand looks its best.

100% Order Accuracy

We listen and provide strategic advice every step of the way ensuring sizing, colors and material specifications meet your needs and are accurate to your order. Internally, we guarantee your order's accuracy and if any inconsistencies arise upon proof images or delivery we will work with you, providing any necessary replacements free of charge.

We will right any wrongs, and then some. In most cases, we actually provide you additional upgrades to make your sign look better than you anticipated, if we feel it will benefit your brand's image and are able to make it happen. We usually do the reverse of cutting corners, we spend extra time to make sure what you are getting is going to exceed your expectations. Ask any of our existing clients and they will share their experience.

1 Year Warranty for Standard Products wants you to be fully satisfied with your purchase. That's why we provide a 12-month warranty that starts when your sign ships. We want your sign to be high quality and defect free. In most cases, we are able to work with you to satisfy warranty conditions by determining the cause of the malfunction and replacing defective parts. ArtSigns may make discretionary decisions for damages beyond its control. These damages may include improper installation, environmental conditions or damage, acts of God, or any other damages that occur after the product is received.

Lifetime Warranty on Outdoor Anodized Metal Signs and Plaques

All anodized outdoor metal signs have a lifetime warranty.

Shipping Guarantee

If anything goes wrong during shipping, we will do our best to quickly reproduce and ship replacement parts to you to ensure smooth installation. Based on our experience, damage from shipping is extremely rare.

Once you receive the package, take note of the condition of the package exterior. Make sure there aren't any visible signs of damage (i.e. bent corners, damage marks or footprints). If you see any signs of damage, take pictures of the package just in case anything was damaged inside. The package needs to be opened within 24hrs for us to claim any damage with the shipping company, however this is highly unlikely.

It's good practice to open and install your sign shortly after you receive it. If you install your sign soon after receiving it, you can ensure everything arrives in tact, looks good, and does not get damaged or lost in storage. The last thing you want is letters, "walking away" as some people get curious with how amazing your sign looks and share parts with coworkers. Try to install your sign soon after you receive it.

Installation Guarantee

If you run into questions or difficulties installing your sign, let us know and we will do everything in our power to provide expert advice, hardware, replacement parts, and any additional support you may need. We want your sign to shine and we want the process to be as easy and seamless as possible.

Whether one of our professionals installs your sign for you or you decide to install it yourself, we are here to help through every step of the way. We provide helpful and easy to use instructions, templates and adhesives to make installing your sign as easy and seamless as possible.

Our aim is to keep you happy no matter what the case. If you drop a letter or have any issues with installation we will do everything to rush out a replacement, provide touch up paint and guide you through any questions you may have.

Our Brand Responsibility

Your brand, and your sign, is who you are. Although we may not know you personally, we know and appreciate the responsibility of handling your image. We will do everything in our power to respect and honor that responsibility. Take a look and see what our clients are saying about their experience working with us.