School Signs

School Signs

Custom 3D school letters, logos and directional signs for hallways. Main office, cafeteria and gymnasium signs.

What are School Signs?

Education is a cornerstone of a thriving society and schools inform the hearts and minds of our communities. Each school, just like each student and educator, has a unique identity. ArtSigns is committed to bringing that identity to the forefront and helping it shine!

At ArtSigns, we provide a multitude of innovative signage solutions for all forms of educational institutions including but not limited to public schools, private schools, universities, colleges, school boards, Montessori schools, and daycare centers. We offer a wide variety of customizable and creative signage solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of your school:

  • Front Office Signs
  • Wayfinding & Direction Signs
  • Classroom Signs
  • Faculty and Department Signs
  • Athletic Department Signs
  • Backlit and LED Signs
  • Washroom & Change Room Signs

We also provide gender neutral signage as a part of our commitment to diversity and inclusivity. Let us help you create a warm and safe educational environment for your students, educators, and employees. Get in touch with us to get start­ed on your custom educational signage. Either fill out the quick form or sub­mit a quote!

Medicine Hat Public School 3D Metal Sign

Exam­ple of Br. Nick­el and Glossy black acrylic 3D cut-outs for Med­i­cine Hat Pub­lic School. The black back­ing is 12″ thick and the Br. Nick­el is 14″ thick. The sign is raised on 12″ spac­ers for a float­ing effect.

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