Backlit Office Signs

Backlit Office Signs

Lighted Sign Options

What are Backlit Office Signs?

Backlit office signs have LED light strips mounted to the back of each letter allowing a light to glow around each letter providing a "halo" effect. Backlit signs are typically made using flat cut materials like acrylic and are raised off the wall on special clear and metal mounts. The acrylic is sometimes finished with a metal face with painted silver edges to match.

Backlit metal logo sign for EconoLease Office in Toronto Made by ArtSigns

Thanks again you did an amazing job, it looks awesome! — Ariel Kotler | EconoLease Financial Services

Benefits of Backlighting your Sign

  • Helps draw attention to your sign
  • Increases visibility
  • Increases impact
  • Makes viewing the sign more memorable

Backlighting requirements

While backlighting is a great way to help your sign stand out from the wall, especially in poorly lit areas, only certain signs with large enough letters or bold font may apply for illumination. Illuminated letters or symbols must allow enough space on the back to hide 1/2” wide LED strips without running into difficulty.

Backlit Lobby Sign made by ArtSigns with metal with red LED lights

Backlit vs other lighted options

We most commonly use backlighting with flat cut dimensional materials. A few other lighted sign options include:

  • Backlit Metal Channel letters
  • Face-lit Metal Channel letters
  • Acrylic Channel Letters
  • Frosted Illuminated Letters with backing panel or box

Examples of Various Lighted Signs

Fabricated Aluminum Sign Panel with Lighted Logo
Raised backlit dimensional letters mounted to custom panel
Hanging lighted acrylic channel letter
Hanging lighted box sign
Push through lighted 3D sign

Backlit Acrylic Letters

Backlighting acrylic sign letters creates a “wow” factor, draws attention, and increases visual impact of wall mounted logos for clients visiting your office space.

John Wilk from Climax Media with ArtSigns Backlit Acrylic Sign Letters mounted to reception area wall

John Wilk CEO Climax Media with ArtSigns Backlit Acrylic Sign Letters mounted to reception area wall.

Rajan Kaushal of Tribecca with ArtSigns Backlit Logo Wall Sign pre-mounted to Wood Veneer Panel

Rajan Kaushal CEO of Tribecca with ArtSigns Backlit Logo Sign pre-mounted to Wood Veneer Panel.

Backlit lobby sign mounted on ledge stone wall in reception area

Virtuworks sent us this picture of a sign we made for them. They installed and wired the lighted sign themselves. We also provide local installation professionals to help with backlit sign installation.

Chrome Backlit Signs

Mirrored signs are excellent candidates for backlighting. The final result is eye-catching, luxurious, and makes a grand statement about your brand.

Chrome Backlit Sign mounted raised through reception desk area drapes at sales center
3D Backlit mirror sign letters raised through reception area drapes.

Mounting backlit mirror signs raised through drapes in the reception area of a condo sales center can produce a high impact effect. A finish like this draws in prospective buyers, empowers employees and inspires faith and curiosity in your brand.

How Backlit Signs Work

Backlighting requires a separate wire to supply power to each letter. This wire is pulled into the wall and connected either at the other side of the wall or in the ceiling. The wires are relatively thin and easily connected to a power adapter. The power adapter is similar to a phone charger that simply plugs into a regular 110v power outlet.

If dragging the cable into the other side of the wall or ceiling isn’t possible, you can also drag the wire near a socket on the same side of the wall. This allows you to hide the cables from running along the wall and closer to the power source. Once the individual wires for each letter are connected together, there is only one cable left to be plugged into the power adapter to plug it into an outlet.

Depending on how the wall is structured beneath the drywall, dragging the cables in this way may or may not be possible. It is important to check with building management or the construction company that constructed the space to see what type of structure lies hidden beneath the drywall. This will ensure a smooth final installation.

Backlit Signs and Shipping

Before shipping each custom backlit sign we ensure that the sign is functioning and everything works correctly. Once you receive it we recommend carefully taking it out of the box to ensure no damage has occurred during shipping or due to mishandling while shipping.

Backlit letters and mounting template with cables, and tools

Backlit sign Installation

Although Installation is easy and straight forward with our guidance, support and easy to use installation hardware and materials, we do also provide the service of providing qualified local sign installers to help you install your sign. We handle all the coordination work, including scheduling, and going over the details and requirements of your custom backlit sign installation.

Many of our clients do opt to install their signs themselves with great success. Otherwise having us provide an installation crew for you makes ordering a backlit sign even easier.

Simplify your next Backlit Sign Project

We make the process quick and easy— from designing, and suggesting material options to determining details for installation. Get in touch to help you quote and order your own backlit office sign!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What power source do backlit signs need?

Backlit signs typically use a low voltage 12v power source. The amperage ranges between 5 - 15 amps. The adapter we include resembles a regular cell phone charger you can plug directly into a typical 110 power socket.

Can I choose color LEDs?

Yes, we also provide the option of full-color RGB LEDs which allow you to select from any color on the spectrum for the Lights on your sign. Please be sure to specify RGB LEDs when ordering if you prefer your LEDs to be in color. The default option are white LEDs. Additional cost apply.

What if one of the LED’s burns out?

LED technology has come a very long way and we rarely see them burning out. If anything, over time, it’s usually the power adapter that needs to be replaced and this can be done very easily.

Would you recommend turning the sign off when I leave the office OR is it fine to keep it on continuously?

It is best practice to have your sign on a timer allowing it to turn off at night. Using a timer to strategically turn off the sign will greatly extend the life of your sign. Unless that is, you have exposure to walking traffic that will view the sign at off-hours. Even then, I would suggest setting it on a timer to turn off at times when it is least likely for anyone to be passing by.

How long will it take to install my backlit sign?

It really depends on the type of wall and how many individual letters and symbols there are in your sign. It usually takes between 1.5hr - 3 hours to install a backlit sign.

Can I install my Backlit sign on a shiny surface?

Although you can always install your sign onto a shiny surface, keep in mind the individual LED dots may show more. We suggest using a surface painted matte as the backdrop for backlit signs because it will help disperse the individual dots and provide an even glow effect.

How do the full Color LEDs work?

Color LEDs are called RGB LEDs. They are called RGB because each LED light, instead of just one white LED, has three separate tiny bulbs for each color Red, Green and Blue. A bluetooth controller, in this case an Android or iPhone app controls the intensity of each LED’s combination of Red, Green and Blue which allows it to produce any color.

Examples of Backlit Office Signs