Background Panel Signs

Background Panel Signs

What are Background Panel Signs?

Signs with letters and symbols pre-mounted to a clear, frosted, metal or custom solid color piece of material are called background panel signs. These plaques are used to simplify installation, help separate letters from walls painted a conflicting color, or just produce a glass sign effect.

Acrylic panel with pre-mounted dimensional sign letters, raised on 4 decorative holders
Smiling client standing next to Acrylic Panel Sign with Metal logo

Solving Complex Sign Projects with Background Panels

Acrylic, Alu­minum or Wood pan­els solve com­mon issues:

  • Eas­ing instal­la­tion on tex­tured walls.
  • Sim­pli­fy­ing re-installation.
  • Back­light­ing a sign in one piece.
  • Pro­vid­ing a more sub­stan­tial or clas­sic glass sign look.
Green dimensional sign letters mounted on a white panel on a green reception wall

Back­ground pan­els can help sep­a­rate let­ters paint­ed the same col­or as the recep­tion area wall by adding con­trast and increas­ing visu­al impact.

Clear acrylic panel with vinyl logo and company values mounted to wall in reception area

Clear acrylic pan­els can be made with vinyl film logos (2D stick­ers) and to dis­play com­pa­ny val­ues, vision, and mis­sion state­ments in the recep­tion area. Using vinyl film as opposed to 3D let­ters can help low­er the cost of cus­tom sig­nage projects.

Frosted Acrylic Signs with 3D cut-out letters

Frost­ed acrylic or fog glass” adds a mod­ern, sophis­ti­cat­ed flare to your logo while focus­ing atten­tion on where it mat­ters. This option is great if you are look­ing for a sand-blast­ed look, or if you have a busy wall or sur­round­ing area that you don’t want to inter­fere with your logo. Also use­ful if the wall direct­ly behind the sign has any holes, dam­age, or imper­fec­tions. The frost­ed acrylic hides every­thing and pro­vides a sleek clean plat­form to show­case your 3D sign.

Frosted acrylic panel sign with 3D acrylic and metal cutouts

Pre-mount­ing your sign to a frost­ed acrylic pan­el pro­vides a sophis­ti­cat­ed, mod­ern look while focus­ing atten­tion on your logo.

Metal Background Panels

Brushed aluminum panel sign with dimensional acrylic letters

Dimen­sion­al acrylic let­ters and logos can be pre-mount­ed to brushed stain­less steel or alu­minum back­ground panels.

Round brushed stainless steel panel sign with reverse cut letters

Back­ground pan­el signs can be cut to any cus­tom shape includ­ing the out­line of the logo itself. Mounts can be hid­den for a clean­er, seam­less, float­ing look.

Acrylic Prints

Printed acrylic logo panel sign with proud client

Acrylic prints are per­fect for projects too com­plex to make in 3D. They can fill a wall with print­ed logos of com­pa­nies you ser­vice. Helen, from ASL Con­sult­ing, a plea­sure to work with, shows off her acrylic print.

Printed acrylic logo detail ASL Consulting

Sharp­er edges, fine details and high res­o­lu­tion even on very small print­ed signs thanks to our mod­ern UV Printing.

4 acrylic print panels forming downtown Warsaw landscape art in corporate office

Acrylic back­ground pan­els can be used as wall art in cor­po­rate board­rooms and offices. Acrylic prints dis­play images with a high lus­ter finish. 

Wall mounted acrylic panel with printed landscape in corporate office

We print the image onto the back of the acrylic to pro­vide rich­er, sharp­er col­ors and to pro­tect the print. The acrylic helps main­tain col­or vibran­cy over time.

Ready to Get Started?

Back­ground pan­el signs solve a num­ber of com­mon con­cerns. With all these options to choose from, it may seem over­whelm­ing. We’re here to help!

Send us a quick quote request with your logo and a very short descrip­tion of your sign so that we can answer any ques­tions you might have in get­ting your own sign made quick­ly and easily.

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