Office Sign 1/2" Acrylic With Deep (1/8") Engraved Corporate Logo - Walker Hall Winery

1.5" stainless steel spacers on the back.

Office sign 3d sign at ArtSigns

Price: $5000-8000


Materials: Acrylic
Thickness (Background): Half inch thick (1/2") Background
Mounting Method: Raised on Stainless steel spacers
Illumination: Natural Lighting
Finish: Acrylic Green Edge (Glass Look) Panel Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs Monument Signs
Location: Outdoor Signs Indoor Signs
Industry: Food Production Signs
office sign for Walker Hall Winery

Office sign non illu­mi­nat­ed cor­po­rate logo sign, installed with 1.25″ dec­o­ra­tive stain­less steel standoffs.

Outdoor illuminated sign 3d sign different angle for Walker Hall Winery

Walk­er Hall Win­ery, deep engraved acrylic with edge neon light. Whole struc­ture was made of 18″ anodized aluminum.

Deep engraved 3d sign for Walker Hall Winery

anoth­er view of the out­door edge illu­mi­nat­ed sign.

office signs 3d sign for Walker Hall Winery

anoth­er angle of the out­door edge illu­mi­nat­ed sign

Winery outdoor in office sign bottle reward for Walker Hall Winery

Here is what we’ve acheive for this project ( price­less ) You have to Drink one to beliv­ed it…