Office Sign 1/2" Acrylic With Deep (1/8") Engraved Corporate Logo - Walker Hall Winery

1.5" stainless steel spacers on the back.

Office sign 3d sign at ArtSigns

Price: $5000-8000


Materials: Acrylic
Thickness (Background): Half inch thick (1/2") Background
Mounting Method: Raised on Stainless steel spacers
Illumination: Natural Lighting
Finish: Acrylic Green Edge (Glass Look) Panel Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs Monument Signs
Location: Outdoor Signs Indoor Signs
Industry: Food Production Signs
office sign for Walker Hall Winery

Office sign non illuminated corporate logo sign, installed with 1.25” decorative stainless steel standoffs.

Outdoor illuminated sign 3d sign different angle for Walker Hall Winery

Walker Hall Winery, deep engraved acrylic with edge neon light. Whole structure was made of 1/8” anodized aluminum.

Deep engraved 3d sign for Walker Hall Winery

another view of the outdoor edge illuminated sign.

office signs 3d sign for Walker Hall Winery

another angle of the outdoor edge illuminated sign

Winery outdoor in office sign bottle reward for Walker Hall Winery

Here is what we’ve acheive for this project ( priceless ) You have to Drink one to belived it…