About Us

We represent you with the highest quality craftsmanship and materials so that your company always looks it's best.

If you stand behind a high class brand and are looking for signage that reflects the quality and prestige that your company represents then you are in the right place. We serve people looking for quality craftsmanship that builds brand recognition, respect and timelessness.

We know what works and what doesn't.

With over 33 years of custom signage and way finding experience, we know a thing or two about being creative. Our team is made up of masters of art with extensive backgrounds in graphic design, the arts and interior design so we can quickly and easily guide you to making smart signage decisions.

We know that ordering custom signage is not something you do every day.

We don't expect you to know everything about signs when you reach out to us. That's what we're here for. We always take on a positive approach because with so many options, ordering a custom lobby sign can seem daunting. We have a proven way of helping you overcome that fear.

Get comfortable with our Sign help.

We take comfort in our experience and pass that comfort and experience on to you through an attitude of commitment, patience and understanding. We will carefully listen to your requests and opinions and offer guidance and appropriate suggestions along the way. There are no silly questions.

We know through experience that quality matters.

We know people have become increasingly selective about what they buy and the services they choose. Quality has now more than ever become an important deciding factor. We use this to your advantage by making sure the quality of your corporate signs reflects the quality your company represents. We know that first impressions, if done right, can lead to successful, long lasting relationships.

How we feel about quality.

Can you be certain of quality by simply investing a certain level of care, attention to detail, and intolerance for error? We don't think so. We believe if you're not moving forward, you're sliding back.

In pushing our boundaries with precision laser cut manufacturing and design, your sign will always show an aesthetic far exceeding that of your competitors. By our standards, your sign should always be awe Inspiring, nothing less.

Products and services we specialize in.

Industries we've helped.

Corporate offices - Signage for lobby and reception rooms, meeting or boardrooms and doors throughout the office space. In some cases signage can also be placed next to doors in the hallway, suspended from the ceiling, as well as on glass windows and doors.

Hospitality - For condo lobbies and showrooms, hotel lobbies, airport lobbies.

Retail - Point of sale signs and decorative screens. We have done quite a few signs for Michael Koors, bootlogger, directional signage for Rogers Telecommunications stores, Signs for Roots Canada as well as decorative screens for Rickis checkout counters.

Restaurants -

Residential - Generally used for house number signs, decorative letters and numbers within the house such as children's names on walls, doors and windows, decorative graphics either flat decal or laser cut 3D shapes. Sometimes clients will order a logo of a favourite car manufacturer such as Porsche to hand in their garage. We also provide custom frosted privacy films for use in homes on doors and windows.

We like helping people in exciting ways.

Over the years we have mounted signs in some very unusual places. Some of them include remote cottages, homes on islands in the Caribbean.