Lobby Wall Office Decor Signage For Jet Cooper

" Jet Cooper " - Happy team. Wall office dimensional sign, made of our famous 1/2" acrylic with 1/2" spacers on the back - Pastel Ice Frost ® material exclusively fabricated at Art Signs.

More comments on this logo's design process can be found at the very interesting site : LOGODESIGNLOVE

Pastelicemetallic wall office design sign

Price: $600-800

Pastel Ice Frost ® always looks different, depends on the lighting and point of view.


Materials: Acrylic
Length: 2 foot (24") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Half inch thick (1/2") Letters
Mounting Method: Raised on spacers
Illumination: Natural Lighting
Finish: Pastel Ice ® Frost White Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Creative Agency Signs
Bluewater condominiums corporate logo sign made by Art Signs in Oakville location
PASTELICEFROSTMETALLIC finish Wall Office Design Sig

View from the distance.

Art Sign sPastelicemetallic wall office design sign

Soft faces and edges clear spacers.

Custom Made office business corporations Pastelicemetallic wall office design sign

Beautiful soft look at any angle.

Custom Made office business Wall decor sign

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