Case - Mate - Tucker Usa , Corporate Logo Sign Made Of 3/4" Clear Acrylic

3/4" acrylic with brushed aluminum faces. ( Pictures provided by Ms. Sharlene Yeager - Assistant to the CEO )

at Art Signs we proudly produce the best 3 dimensional signage in NORTH AMERICA and all over the world, carfully crafted signs and 3d signs , custom design office spaces enrich your visibility

Price: $3000-5000

Main plate with additional color behind.


Materials: Acrylic Aluminum
Length: 8 foot (96") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Three quarter inch thick (3/4") Letters
Mounting Method: Raised on Threaded Rods
Illumination: Spot Light Lighting
Finish: Brushed Aluminum Face Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Industrial Manufacturing Signs
case-mate , Art signs metal signs add a sparkling look to any office spaces
Custom Office design corporate logo sign case-mate  , corporate office look, we can design your office space

On Angle

CASE - MATE - Tucker USA  , signage are made at Art Signs facilities to improve your overall luxurious look

From the distance, installed on 5/8” spacers.

CASE - MATE - Tucker USA ,Art Signs is capable of design of office signage systems for corporate offices, small business spaces and large scale corporations

details, ( Picture was taken in our shop before shipping. )

Dariusz Dawidczyk, Adas Dawidczyk and Tadeusz Dawidczyk are watching very carefully the signs and 3d sign mrket to provide your company with the best possible look for your office

Picture was taken in our shop before shipping.