Plate 3D Sign For Ontario Trucking Association In Toronto

Corporate sign made of 1/2" acrylic plate with 1" decorative stainless steel standoffs and cups to secure the plate circular part of the logo made of 1/2" acrylic painted to match corporate colors, and 1/2" black acrylic all attached to the plate with 1/2" acrylic spacers.

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Thickness (Background):Half inch thick (1/2") Background
Illumination:Natural Lighting
Location:Indoor Signs
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Another view of the office plate wall 3d sign.

Business Signs sign different angle for condo sign design
Deep Engraved 3d sign for condo sign design

Black 1/2” high gloss acrylic with 1/2” acrylic spacers attached to the background acrylic plate.

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Mounting detail of the stainless steel standoffs hardware

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