Decorative Unfinished Wood Letters - Office Sign For Simply Baby

Sometimes a simple raw plywood sign goes a long way. Simply green baby is all about going green and what better way of going green than by using raw, natural unfinished wood for your reception sign!

This type of sign uses raw unfinished wood that is sanded before cutting. The edges come out dark because the wood is laser cut. This too is a nice effect as it enhances the 3D effect of the letters by adding more contrast that would not be there if the edges were the same color as the faces.

Organic. Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic. Simply green baby's signage embraces its core motto and something they look for in all of their baby products. Being a company that focuses on baby products, having a 3D logo that embraces these values shows clients you practice what you preach.

Bluewater condominiums corporate logo sign made by Art Signs in Oakville location

Price: $400-600

The letters were laser cut from 1/2” thick plywood and had 1/2” clear spacers on the back for easy mounting and installation on a painted drywall surface.


Materials: Wood
Length: 3 foot (36") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Half inch thick (1/2") Letters
Mounting Method: Raised on spacers
Illumination: Spot Light Lighting
Finish: Raw Unpainted Wooden Letter Signs
Type: Dimensional Sign Letters
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Retail Signs
Art Signs office designers

These small wooden letters were cut from unfinished plywood. However, we offer various wooden material options including mdf, pine, birch, bamboo and we accept custom material requests in your order.

plywood sign wall office decorative design

After laser cutting, our burnt wood edges are perfectly sharp and smooth. The wooden letters in this closeup may seem thicker than they actually were because of how small they actually were (They were 1/2” thick with height ranging from 2-3 inches).

If you are looking specifically for very thick wood letters, we make letters up to 3” thick using layered MDF that we laminate together and then sand to remove the seams.

wall decorative corporate logo sign

You can really get a sense of the logo’s size from a distance. All the wooden letters combined make for an overall width of 48”.

The Simply green baby logo is a great example of unfinished wooden letters. Your sign letters or logo can also be made into finished wooden letters that can be stained using any requested custom finish. Thanks to our laser CNC manufacturing methods, we are able to make some very intricate laser cut designs using stained wood.

If you were thinking of a sign with letters pre-mounted to a panel, a stained wood plaque sign is also an option.

Finally, there is an important reason why Wood works well when used as a sign for a company dealing with Birth. Wood is one of the 5 important elements of feng shui. A seed grows into an expansive old growth tree. If your company’s branding seems compatible with wood, it could be resonating with wood’s sense of growth, vitality, expansion and unbounded vision. If that is the case, using wood in your next office or retail signage project may be a good idea.

If you are thinking of using wooden letters or logos feel free to get in touch below and we will be more than happy to help.