3D Lobby Signage - Simulation Of Brushed Metal By Art Signs - Example: Bazis International, Head Office

Corporate logo sign 1/2" acrylic and brushed metal acrylic composite on the front. Bazis made of 1/2" white acrylic attached to the face. Cost effective option compare to stainless steel

3D custom metal signage product to display company logo and lettering in office lobby made by Art Signs Company

Price: $3000-5000


Materials: Acrylic Aluminum
Length: 5 foot (60") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Half inch thick (1/2") Letters
Thickness (Background): Half inch thick (1/2") Background
Mounting Method: Raised on Threaded Rods
Illumination: Spot Light Lighting
Finish: Painted Matte Color Signs Brushed Aluminum Face Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Real Estate Signs
Business signage product with custom lettering and logo display on office reception wall made by Art Signs Company
Customer complementing sign installers on new custom signs in their office lobby
Interior designer looking at metal signage product with customized logo and letters mounted on the wall
Metal finish lobby signs raised off the reception wall on spacers