Acrylic Sign Letters For Art Show - Example: Artstar

ArtStar is an online platform for discovering and collecting the best contemporary art. We recently had the chance to help ArtStar by making bright 3D plastic letters for their most recent Exhibit at the Affordable Art Fair in New York City.

White plastic sign letters raised off pink color art show wall that say ART

Price: $600-800


Materials: Acrylic
Length: 5 foot (60") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Half inch thick (1/2") Letters
Mounting Method: Raised on Threaded Rods
Illumination: Spot Light Lighting
Finish: Painted Matte Color Signs
Type: Dimensional Sign Letters
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Exhibit Signs
White raised 3D sign letters on pink exhibit wall that say ART

The fair hosts 70 local, nation­al and inter­na­tion­al exhibitors, to show­case orig­i­nal con­tem­po­rary work from over 300 con­tem­po­rary artists. Art­works range between $100 to $10,000. This year Art­Star’s 3D let­ters stood out (lit­er­al­ly) at the Spring 2018 Afford­able Art Fair in New York City. 

These high qual­i­ty raised acrylic let­ters we made for Art­Star were no ordi­nary plas­tic let­ters. They were care­ful­ly air brushed a mat­te white col­or. The mat­te fin­ish helps match the look of the framed paint­ings mount­ed on the exhib­it wall below the sign.

White 3D sign letters that say ArtStar laid out on brown paper cardboard pattern

We includ­ed an easy to use card­board instal­la­tion pat­tern and foam padded box. They will be used main­ly for dif­fer­ent exhibits and art shows so nat­u­ral­ly the let­ters had to be easy to install, take down and move.

Laser cut outlines on cardboard installation template.

The laser cut instal­la­tion tem­plate shows the exact place­ment of each let­ter, mak­ing it easy to drill each hole for mount­ing. Indi­vid­ual num­ber­ing makes them a breeze to find and fit into their new, albeit tem­po­rary, home on the wall.

Art fair booth with paintings of horses,  basketball court, and multi-colored ink with raised plastic sign letters mounted above.

The final result is clean, fresh and authen­tic. Just like the art it represents.

Art show booth with pink walls and white 3D ArtStar sign letters
Raised plastic sign letters at art show with pink walls, mounted above white framed paintings.
An Art Show booth with pink walls, raised 3D letters that say ArtStar and colorful paintings in white frames.
Michelle Kappeler | Digital Content Coordinator

Michelle Kappeler | Digital Content Coordinator

I want­ed to share with you the sig­nage you cre­at­ed for us for our fair. We got so many com­pli­ments and I believe we gave your info to sev­er­al ven­dors. It was a huge suc­cess and might have con­tributed to us win­ning best booth!

This year Art­Star was hon­ored with the Cura­to­r­i­al Award of Excel­lence!! I hope that part of the rea­son Art­Star was select­ed for the award was because of the addi­tion of their new, sub­tle, yet classy 3D sign letters!

To find out more about raised acrylic let­ters like the ones we made for Art­Star click to get in touch with us below!