Mr. John Wilk, Ceo Of Climax Media Canada

Corporate logo sign 48" x 24" overall dimensions, ArtSigns® Pastel Ice Metallic® finish, 1/2" thick acrylic with 1/2" spacers.

pastelicemetalic®, Office Signage design for corporate office and reception area

Price: $1300-1600


Materials: Acrylic
Length: 4 foot (48") long signs
Thickness (Letter): Half inch thick (1/2") Letters
Mounting Method: Raised on spacers
Illumination: Natural Lighting
Finish: Pastel Ice ® Metallic Signs
Type: Office Lobby Signs
Location: Indoor Signs
Industry: Creative Agency Signs
pastelicemetalic®, 3d sign Office Signage design for corporate office and reception area

Cli­max Media 3d cor­po­rate logo sign from the distance.

pastelicemetalic®, 3d sign, artsigns, toronto

Anoth­er angle, pastelicemet­al­ic® fin­ish, clear pol­ished edges.

pastelicemetalic®, Wall mirror office 3d sign, donor wall sign

Pas­tel Ice Metal­lic®, anoth­er angle.

pastelicemetalic®, artsigns, 3d sign

Frost­ed faces of pastelicemet­al­ic®, 12″ spac­ers from the wall , Art Signs mount­ing sys­tem for easy installation

wall 3d mirror mirror office 3d sign, pastelicemetalic®

Adam’ final movie…

pastelicemetalic®, office 3d sign for importance of good office 3d sign for corporate office mirror mirror on the wall

Angle close up