3D Signage With Brushed Metal Finish Behind Lobby Reception Desk

3D corporate metal sign simulation made with brushed metal acrylic substitute installed on the wall with 1/16" aluminum pins. Customer: ENVIRON

Custom 3D metal business signage lettering for corporate head office lobby reception area wall raised off on pins and installed by Art Signs Company


Mounting Method:Raised on Threaded Rods
Illumination:Natural Lighting
Location:Indoor Signs
Chrome metal company reception signage in corporate office lobby area raised on spacers off wall and made by Art Signs Company
Business logo word mark signage design idea mounted behind lobby reception desk made using laser cut acrylic sign lettering by Art Signs Company
Logo decal custom frosted window graphics for sandblasted glass effect on glass office entrance door made by Art Signs Company
Raised pin mounted dimensional metal signage letters as office lobby sign in main reception area made by Art Signs Company