5 Tips Choosing the Best Lobby Sign for Business

5 Tips Choosing The Best Lobby Sign For Business

Adam Davinci
Nov 03 • 5 min read

The best way to choose the right lobby sign for your business is usually to start from the basics. Here are 5 secrets for choosing the best lobby sign.

Tip #1 - Fit your Industry

Make sure you choose a lobby sign that fits your industry. What type of company is it for? A reception sign for a law office might be different from one for a marketing agency. It’s best to look at what’s been done before to get a grasp of the type of signs people are using based on the industry they’re in.

Check out our industries page to see examples from different industries. This is also a great way to get inspired because it’s often difficult to know what you want before you know what’s possible.

We’re all for innovation, and sometimes it’s good to break the rules. Depending on your brand some unexpected overlap can also produce effective results. So take a look at different industries to see if you can put a modern twist on a traditional approach. You’ll be surprised with how often it works to your benefit.

Tip #2 - Fit your space

When you first walk into your office, your sign has to be the first thing you see. Find your feature wall, this could be the wall behind the reception desk, a glass panel or even the desk itself. The type of wall you’re mounting your sign to, the color and texture of the wall, all play an important role in deciding the type of sign you need.

Not every sign will work on every wall.

Most lobby signs are installed on drywall or sheetrock behind the reception desk. In this case, your options are open. You can choose individually mounted letters if you prefer the look of floating letters.

If your wall is rough or uneven on the other hand, textured like ledge-stone, or brick or even with a wavy pattern, you may be better off going with a panel sign over individually mounting letters. Although it’s possible to make your office sign from individually mounting sign letters on this type of wall, keep in mind there may be additional costs involved when it comes to installing them.

The color of the wall will also decide the color and type of lobby sign you need. If the wall color is dark and your logo colors are also dark, you may need to consider making your sign white, if your branding guidelines permit, or a light brushed metal finish to help it pop. If your lobby sign needs to be in color, you may need to consider using an opaque background panel to help separate it from the wall.

Tip #3 - Fit your plan

Are you planning on moving anytime soon? Although our individually mounted 3D signs are easy to move, if your logo has a million little pieces and you plan on relocating soon or often, you may be better off having 3D letters and symbols pre-mounted onto a background panel. That way you will only need to move the one panel instead of separate letters and symbols. The effect you get is often worth the effort so you will have to weigh the pros and cons.

Either way, we will guide you through the process, even help you recreate your installation template if you can’t find it when you move. But thinking down the line will help you plan a lobby sign that works long term.

Tip #4 - Fit your brand

Ensuring your sign conforms to your branding usage guidelines is key. When choosing a type of sign make sure your branding guidelines allow for any stylistic choices you make.

Branding guidelines typically forbid changing fonts, rearranging assets, and certain color combinations. When browsing your branding guidelines, look for the following rules and make sure your choices comply:

  • Logo Variation Rules
  • Improper or Unacceptable Logo Usage
  • Brand Colors
  • Brand Typography or Fonts
  • Spacing and Margins

Tip #5 - Fit your budget

From the many options to choose from some take more time and materials than others. For startups, non-profits and companies on a tight budget not all options will make sense or be feasible.

We offer options for all budget ranges. Office sign cost is important so take a look at the Average Office Sign prices below to help you decide which sign is right for your business:

  • $300 - $500 — Acrylic Signs with Vinyl Graphics or Smaller 3D signs
  • $500 - $1000 — Average Size 3D Office Lobby Signs
  • $1000 - $1800 — Large Size or more complex Reception signs with unique finishes, fine details and optional background panels.
  • $1800 - $4500 — Very complex Office Lobby signs and Backlit signs with custom background panels or boxes.

Knowing the budget you have to work with will get you started on the right path for choosing the best sign for your business. The best way to know exactly how much your logo will cost to make in 3D is by sending us a custom quote request for your sign.

In Conclusion

These 5 tips are a great starting point and are in no way an exclusive list. We have a number of other resources to help you along your way to picking the best office lobby sign.

It may seem like a lot to take in but know you’re not alone— We are here to help! We’ve made just about every type of 3D sign under the sun so if you are ready to get started making your lobby sign, get a quote and we’ll help guide you through every step of the way!