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Dead Sea Scrolls at the ROM


Our newest creation, we've achieve this very dramatic effect using all natural PATINA and RUST finish on 3.5" thick 3D lettering, as a substrate we've choose special high density foam, in the nature the natural oxidation process will take several months, in this case we had only one week for development and one week for production, all background was covered with decals and additional 1/4" 3d lettering.

DEAD SEA SCROLLS - French Version, Angle view

Scrolls at the ROM

DEAD SEA SCROLLS - from the distance, all panels in the background was 3d cutout 3/4" deep and painted to match specified colour ( Painting, materials and installation by MCM 2001 )

Dead Sea Scrolls ROM, 3D signs foam patina and rust finish

Detail of the RUST - PATINA finish

3d sign , RUST PATINA finish

Close up.

Royal Ontario Museum
Dead Sea Scrolls at the ROM, 3d Signage

Details of the deep cutouts in 3 different languages.

Additional 3d signage and vinyl decals " Titles " installed directly to the wall.

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