Brushed Metal Substitute Signs

Brushed Metal Substitute Signs

Acrylic based metal sign finishes

What are Brushed Metal Substitute Signs?

Traditionally, metal is one of the first things that comes to mind when you think indoor office sign. However, we've recently seen more entrepreneurs choosing acrylic based finishes over metal for their lobby signage. They often produce the same look and feel if not better. Although we do still produce impressive metal signs, one thing most entrepreneurs are starting to realize is that acrylic based metal finishes have come a long way.

Because they are laser cut, the metal substitute finishes we've engineered let us produce truly remarkable results. Not to mention, they often cost less. And in an age where companies are constantly tweaking their brand, casting your sign in stone, or metal for that matter doesn't always makes sense. Up next, let's see some of the benefits of using acrylic based metal finishes.

Benefits of Brushed Metal Substitute Signs

  • Premium Quality Look
  • Possibility for Finer Details and More Complex Logos
  • More Versatile with Larger variety of colors and shades
  • Safer and Easier to Install with No Wall Support Necessary
  • Often less costly

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